104 / Markdown images are an anti-pattern

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Hey everyone, I’ve been sick for most of the week, hope yours was better ✌🏻

Toot of the Week

What if we all just started using trunk as the go-to main branch name rather than main or master.



Same Stop

4 min · engineersneedart.com

John Calhoun shares their experience of coming back to programming after retirement.


How Much Memory Do You Need to Run 1 Million Concurrent Tasks?

6 min · pkolaczk.github.io

Piotr Kołaczkowski tests concurrent tasks in 8 technologies up to 1 million tasks, with interesting findings (Python is faster than Go‽).

Markdown images are an anti-pattern

1 min · daverupert.com

Dave Rupert argues that you should use the HTML <img/> tag to be able to set attributes like height/width and decoding.

A Well Known URL For Your Personal Avatar

2 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen is suggesting a .well-known URL for avatars.

You don't need a modal window

1 min · youdontneedamodalwindow.dev

Deniz Akşimşek lists reasons why you should not use a modal window and instead make a separate page.

Single Line Comments in CSS

2 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen explains why we'll probably never get single-line comments with // in CSS.

Add Opacity to an Existing Color

11 min · chriscoyier.net

Chris Coyier experiments with transparent variants of colors in CSS.

Large Language Models

We deserve to know if something was generated by AI

4 min · ntietz.com

Nicole argues that text generated by LLMs should be marked as such, for a multitude of reasons.

OpenAI says it could ‘cease operating’ in the EU if it can’t comply with future regulation

2 min · theverge.com

James Vincent about OpenAI's response to the AI regulation process in the EU.

Generative AI: What You Need To Know

19 min · needtoknow.fyi

Baldur Bjarnason has a nice summary website about generative AI.

Cutting Room Floor

A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you

6 min · aeon.co

Clifton Mark about the implications of a meritocracy and it's effect on your world view.

Noise Is All around Us—and It’s Affecting You More than You Think

8 min · thewalrus.ca

Bojan Fürst about noise pollution, the anthropause during the pandemic and ways to live with noise.

Writing summaries is more important than reading more books

3 min · andreasfragner.com

Andreas Fragner explains why it's better to take time to write summaries than to blindly pick up the next book.


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